Technology now plays a major role in so many aspects of our lives. This infographic from GAP takes you through some apps that are out there for dogs – there really is an app for everything! Many dog owners can find dog training difficult and can sometimes be inconsistent with it. There are a few apps that may help you out here such as iClicker. It plays special sounds such as squeaks and doorbells to lock in certain behaviors. It’s really handy to have all these sounds on one app.

All dogs need to be walked every day; some even a few times a day. If you’re in a new area it can be difficult to find a good route as it may not be long enough or potentially not safe enough for you and your dog. An app called MapMyDogWalk can be of great help here as it recommends the best dog walking routes in whatever area you’re in. If you know a good route; be sure to add it yourself!

You can also land in unfamiliar areas with your dog when traveling. Often you will have no idea where the dog-friendly parks are, or maybe you want to find a good restaurant or bar that is dog-friendly. An app called BarkHappy can assist you as it recommends all the best places to bring your dog in whatever area you happen to find yourself. Find out more in the infographic.

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