The question “why are dogs scared of storms?” can often arise in the minds of the dog owners. This is because of the loud thunder or the bright lightning which can make them frightened as well as upset. Since both the small as well as large pooches are more sensitive to air pressure as compared to the human beings, they are able to sense the storm coming much before its arrival and therefore it is natural for them to feel anxious before the onset of a thunderstorm. Although you might want to provide your pet with comfort during this time, it will only make him more stressed. Instead, stick to the subsequent 7 guidelines on how to calm a dog during a storm.

1. Provide a Safe Area

It is a natural instinct for the wild animals to seek shelter in the caves during any natural calamity and therefore it is essential for you to offer a similar opportunity for relief to your pet. In case he is already habituated to stay within a crate, allow him to stay inside it during a thunderstorm. He will get an additional barrier from the walls which will enable him to remain calm. However, in case there is no crate available, the pooch can hide under the bed or any other place till the storm passes. Never make any attempt to make him sit beside you in the room during the thunderstorm.

2. Try to distract your pet

Try to play with him some interesting game or even practice his training routine. This will aid him to focus on you and ignore the storm which will definitely make him less afraid. Otherwise, try to talk to him affectionately or even give him some treats every now and then in case he is unable to concentrate on the training or the game. Thus, he will not associate storms with bad things because he will get his favorite treats at that time.

3. Calming Tablets

Sometimes providing a safe place and distractions for your dog just is not enough to keep them calm. This is especially true if you live in a major city or encounter frequent thunderstorms. The hustle and bustle of a busy city and the booming sounds of thunder can create a tremendous amount of anxiety for your dog. We have found that one of the best ways to help out your furry friend is to give them Cosequin Calm. These bone-shaped chewable tablets help balance anxiety induced behavior such as trembling, panting, excessive barking and hiding. Pair Cosequin Calm with several other of the techniques on this blog and your pup will feel safe and secure regardless of what is going on outside.

4. Keep Your Family Members Calm

Make it a point to behave normally since this will help to inform your canine that there is nothing to be concerned about. Of course, you should refrain from scolding your dog or adopting any punishment techniques in case he fails to behave properly. Apart from this, try to prep your kids too by asking them not to become excited. In case they are too young or get scared easily, keep your pooch and the kids in separate rooms.

5. Use a Thundershirt

This particular is actually a product which provides consistent pressure on the bodies of the dogs in order to calm them down during thunderstorms. The jacket offers a dog the feeling of being covered in a blanket or his mother protecting him by covering him up. While this particular technique has provided great results in most cases, some folks are quite skeptical about it; however, you can always try it out since it is not that expensive. You can prepare a DIY shirt using bandages or maybe an old blanket in case you have got one. Be sure to cover the neck as well as the chest snugly but it should not be too tight that will cut off the circulation.

6. Never Coddle your Pooch

In case your pet tries to jump up on the bed next to you during a thunderstorm, resist the temptation to wrap him in your arms. Instead, allow him to lie there on the bed and don’t act like something is happening out of the ordinary. Canines often get the signal from their owners and therefore coddling will only inform him that there is some reason to worry about. Try your best to act normally as if there is no thunderstorm.

7. Do not invite your guests

Do not make the situation worse by inviting your guests on a stormy day in case your pooch has problems in handling thunderstorms. The presence of strangers will only make him more jittery in case his nerves are already on edge. This might even make him behave aggressively creating a dangerous situation for all the individuals around him. Make it a point to keep your pet away somewhere else in case he begins to dart whenever somebody enters the room.

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