Important Facts About Your Dog’s Body

Your dog’s health is the key to a long and happy life, so it is important to truly understand how your pet’s body works. The dog’s various body parts and organs are all complex, so it is beneficial to know how they function, what problems can happen, and how to improve and maintain health.

In order to react quickly and take care of your dog’s ailments in a timely manner, you must be able to spot the signs that something is wrong with your pal and how to safely handle the situation.

Savory Prime brings you this info-graphic to explain the ins and outs about the importance of one dog’s body:

Key Guide:

Ear Conditions

-Debris inside
-Hormone disorders

Health Maintenance Checklist

____ Keep water out of ear canals
____ Keep ears dry
____ Groom under the ear flaps
____ Do not pluck out hair from ear canal
____ Gently wipe off accumulation of wax, dirt or debris
____ Use a cleansing solution for excessive wax, discharge or redness

INTERESTING FACT:  18 muscle help a dog’s ear to tilt, raise and rotate which helps them to identify and capture sounds from various directions. 

Eye Conditions

-Corneal ulcers
-In-growing eyelids
-Prolapse for the third eyelid
-Pink eye

Health Maintenance Checklist

____ Use blunt-nosed scissors to trim hair around eyes while removing any foreign objects and matted hair
____ Use a cotton ball and saline solution to clean mucus
____ Use a tear-stain remover to clean stains around the eyes common in some breeds such as poodles

INTERESTING FACT: Dogs were believed to be color blind, but scientists have agreed that dogs can see a limited amounted of colors because they possess enough color preceptor cones. 

Mouth Conditions

-Bad Breath
-Periodontal disease

Health Maintenance Checklist

____ Daily canine dental brushing and rinsing
____ Routine oral check-ups by a vet
____ Proper diet with dry food
____ Dental care chew toys and treas

INTERESTING FACT: 80% of dogs have some sign of gum disease by the age of three. 

Skin Conditions

-Allergic dermatitis
-Yeast infection
-Fleas and ticks

Health Maintenance Checklist

____ Use natural hypoallergenic soaps and shampoos
____ Regularly brush your dog’s hair to prevent matting of their hair
____ Avoid dog food with fillers and artificial ingredients
____ Feed your dog a healthy and balanced diet
____ Regularly use flea and tick medicine

INTERESTING FACT: #1 cause of flaky skin in dogs is the lack of omega-3’s in their diet

Heart Conditions

-Congestive heart failure
– Heart murmurs
– Arrhythimia
– Heart valve disease
– Heartworms

Health Maintenance Checklist

____ Healthy change in diet
____ Exercise for weight loss and overall health
____ Nutritional supplements (i.e.-b-complex with niacin, l-carntine, taurine)
____ Surgery
____ Prescribed vet medications
____ Consult a vet

INTERESTING FACT: Like humans, dogs are also susceptible to heart disease and share over 400 ailments and illnesses

Joints Conditions

-Canine arthritis
-Hip dysplasia
-Intervertebral disc disease
-Patellar luxation

Health Maintenance Checklist

____ Weight management
____ Healthy diet
____ Anti-inflammatory, analgesics and pain reliever meds
____ Nutritional supplements with fish oils, glucosamine and chondroitin
____ Physical therapy
____ Surgery

Brain Conditions

-Loss in learning ability
-Memory loss

Health Maintenance Checklist

____ Antioxidants
____ Vitamins e,c
____ i-carnitine
____ di – lipoic acid
____ Brain teasers

INTERESTING FACTS: Well trained dog can learn up to 250 words, avg. 150;

Paws Conditions

-Long nails
-Dry and cracked
-Bad circulation

Health Maintenance Checklist

____ Massage
____ Pedicure
____ Snip and Trim
____ Moistourizer

INTERESTING FACT: Dogs will lick or chew their feet when they are stressed.

Liver Conditions

-A scites
-Bleeding caused by nsaids

Health Maintenance Checklist

____ S-Adenosyl-L-Methionin
____ Grains
____ Fish
____ Eggs
____ High protein and fat
____ Avoid high copper
____ Vitamins b and e

INTERESTING FACT: Conditions to the liver account for approximately 12% of deaths in dogs 

Kidney Conditions

-Weight loss
-Blood in urine
-Mouth ulcers
-Pale gums
-Chemical odor of breath
-Loss or decreased appetite
-Change in water consumption
-Loss or decreased appetite
-Change in water consumption
-Change in volume of urine produced
-Depression and listlessness

Health Maintenance Checklist

____ Plenty of clean water and a raw or grain free diet
____ Fluid therapy
____ Management of blood electrolyte abnormalities
____ Monitoring of urinary output
____ Medication for gastrointestinal problems
____ Dialysis

INTERESTING FACT: Chocolate can cause damage to your dog’s kidney’s.


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