About Us

Our Story

For over twenty years Savory Prime has been providing the highest quality pet chews and treats using the finest ingredients while produced under strict quality standards. No preservatives, no chemicals, no additives. 100% natural and pet approved!

Our Process

Our American Beef Hides, produced and certified following GFSI food quality standards, are offered in traditional rawhide bones, sticks, or rolls, in a variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy chewing needs.

Any dog will also love our jerky treats with 100% farm raised breast meat, Cod Skins made from Wild Pacific and Atlantic Ocean Cod, and 100% Farm Raised Duck & Sweet Potato. All our products are made to USDA standards to ensure pets remain healthy and safe.


Our Philosophy

Our products can be purchased in individual packages, wrapped in a cigar band, or purchased in bulk. We also offer value packs in different combinations.

Savory Prime Pet Treats help dogs of all ages in a number of ways:

• Satisfies the Urge to Chew

• Promotes Dental Health by Helping to Scrape Away Plaque

• Helps Controls Tartar buildup and Helps to Maintain Healthy Gums

• Relieves Teething Pain & Boredom

We know pets will love Savory Prime! Our treats are suggested as a snack or reward, with plenty of water.

Savory Prime Pet Treats recommends supervision when feeding any treats.