How is Savory Prime rawhide manufactured?

Savory Prime Rawhide is made from the inner layer of premium beef hides. During processing the hides are washed and cleaned without the use of harmful chemicals, then sterilized, and cut or ground. Next they are pressed, or folded into chewable dog treats of different shapes and sizes.  Some contain beef, or chicken flavorings.   During final stages, the product is placed in temperature controlled drying rooms, then inspected prior to being packaged for sale.  All of our rawhide, and treats, are screened for quality assurance; our strict quality control measures include internal audits and our products are regularly inspected by the FDA.

In addition to our rawhide products, Savory Prime Pet Treats offers following treats:

  • USA Chicken Jerky
  • General Savory’s Chicken
  • Duck Jerky
  • Sweet Potato with Duck
  • American Bully Sticks
  • Butcher Bones
  • Beggar Bones
  • Cod Skin Treats

How can Rawhide chews help my dog?

A dog’s instinct is to chew.  Dogs that chew regularly maintain strong and healthier gums which helps reduce plaque build-up, and irritated gums.  Chewing also helps to alleviate stress and anxiety and a puppy’s natural tendency to chew on furniture and clothing.  Savory Prime always recommends water and supervision when feeding your pet treats.

How often can I feed my dog rawhide chews or treats?

We have many treats and chews that can be given a couple times a day as a training reward, or simply… because you love your pet! We do not recommend our rawhide chews, or treats, as a replacement to meals.