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Savory Prime uses 100% high-protein duck breast that is hand sliced for the perfect Duck Jerky treat. Our Duck Sweet Potato Jerky is the same hand sliced duck breast, wrapped in sweet potato delivering a treat loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.  A full-flavored taste dogs love. These favorites are an excellent treat or reward for all dogs.

  • 100% Farm Raised Duck
  • Recommended for All Breed Sizes
  • Rich in Fiber
  • High in Protein
  • Made in China

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4 reviews for Duck & Sweet Potato

  1. Sandy Ahlbach

    My dogs love these. My Lrg. Pom was hard to get him to eat treats when I got him at 8 weeks old (now 4 ) These were the first ones he would eat.He loved them then and they are still his Favorite. I give both my dogs 3 every other day. Your dog or dogs will love them. It is hard to find them. I found them in CVS Drugs Pet Dept. Now I know where to get them online.

  2. Debbie Boyd

    My dog loves this product and the Duck Jerky. He’s an oldster now, almost 15 yrs, a Black Lab/Chow mix. They are harder to find now. I only see it at Bi-mart in my area anymore. But, I will order online now that I know I can!

  3. Tammy Allen

    I’ve always been careful about making sure that my babies treats are safe. The first thing I look for is country of origin ( too many recalls from countries overseas) I saw these were made here and with sweet potatoes (my chihuahua’s favorite!) and decided to give them a try. My babies LOOOVE these! Very hard to find in my area though. Glad I found the website

  4. Maria

    Great treat my Yorkee who is very picky LOVES Them!!!!

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